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anti_kerrap's Journal

Anti Kerrap! Life Is Lame, Every Wednesday
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Kerrang! magazine was first published in 1981. It used to cover a range of alternative rock acts, and had decent coverage of unsigned bands.
In the past few years, Kerrang! has sold out to the nu metal population. They cover the same bands all the time. The TV station isn't any better. In fact, its worse. The playlist is nothing but the most popular of the hard rock charts.
Join this community if you like your alternative metal/punk music raw, and real. This is where we can get the bands with talent, who work hard to get where they deserve, and get some recognition.
By the way, this is not an anti-commercial rock community, A lot of amazing bands are/were commercial. I have nothing against a good band doing well. I just have a lot against good bands getting nowhere because of the British rock media not goving them the recognition they deserve.

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