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I don't like KERRAP's image/radio station either. WLL is a great song. LZ are great as well. As for KERRAP, it used to be a pretty good magazine as did Metal Hammer, but they both seem to have got poorer & poorer in quality. I don't understand. Kerrang says it likes Rock (well, not literally b/c it doesn't talk, but you know what I mean.) How can it say that yet ignore all the bands that started it in the 1st place?

No wonder people think rock lovers are depressing/depressed w/ all the stuff they put in there. I wear band t-shirts/solid colour tops & the occassional leather thingey on my wrist, but that's far as I go really. I make a special effort not to dress in a stereotypical way. I don't class myself as anything as in "I am this/that", I don't say I'm a rocker (unless I'm singing along w/ Judas Priest) I think if you try & label yourself, then you're conforming to another stereotype, but that's just me. KERRAP is the HM version of SMASH HITS. There'll be a bloody problem page in there soon.
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